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Chuting technology: because of love and innovation to create a brand culture (change)

Source:Chuting cosmetics technology (Shanghai) co. LTD    Time:2018-02-08    

Description:What is love? It is a kind of belief that "it is planned to marry a man, to live a long break, to be mercilessly abandoned and not to be ashamed" and to be spared no effort to go all out sprinting. What is innovation? Is unwilling to keep the old, partial to unique, is the face of stereotyped, daring to be different

  What is love? It is a kind of "intention to marry and life break, vertical is mercilessly abandoned, can not be ashamed" feeling is to spare no effort to go all out sprint faith. What is innovation? Is unwilling to keep the old, partial to unique, is to face the stereotyped, daring to be different.

  With the development of the times, the standard of living is increasing day by day, people's awareness of health is gradually increasing. Even after the "personality" of 90, it has also started to regain the health behind the middle-aged mug with ridicule. In fact, Is everyone's desire for health.

  At present, the concept of health has officially risen to become one of the important strategic goals for the country's development in the coming period. People's consumption concepts are gradually changing from price-sensitive to value-sensitive. Health first and the pursuit of high quality and health have become the consensus of the entire society. "National Health" has now become the most important goal right now, and Chuting technology is also working hard for this cause to fully support China's great health industry.

  Chuting cosmetics technology (Shanghai) co. LTD, established in 2013, is located in Songjiang District, a high-tech creative park, away from downtown, concentrate on research and development. To beauty, health as the main axis, the collection of professionals, with market planning, to provide one-stop service to make the brand more unique and competitive.

  It is fortunate and blessed to be able to become a business by being passionate, and just so, the founder of the court is such a lucky man. In 2013, Mr. Jiang Junda, the founder, said in a foretaste: "I want to start a business and do my favorite research and development, and I want to join the health industry as a whole. Because of love, in the past four years, the Chuting has been tearing forward. From the very beginning to the entire R & D team + marketing team, from a small R & D room to a 1,500-square-meter R & D center, Brand culture, committed to making the brand more advanced, product upgrades.

  Chuting cosmetics technology (Shanghai) co. LTD founder Jiang Junda

  The Chuting has been focused on the quality of raw materials, which met a lot of high-quality raw material suppliers, friendship in the process of friendship, they have the same goal - the beauty and health to more people. At the same time, the founding of the Chamber established its own complete system of import and export of raw materials preferred, founder of the founder of a word often talk about: employees are family members, raw material suppliers are friends and partners. With concerted efforts, everyone will burst into great power to create a big family.

  Over the past four years, the Chuting has never stopped, integrated research and development efforts, the use of high-quality resources, innovative play, so that healthy sunrise industry more cohesion. Here, 99% of people consciously know that they pay and get proportional, and then get down to work, never have office politics, quite harmonious. Everyone dedication, but also pride, the concept of great health into the hearts of each employee, we work together to create a better future.

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