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Chuting technology 丨 fat fat luxury proud pepper sauce, completely different top hot sauce

Source:Chuting cosmetics technology (Shanghai) co. LTD    Time:2018-02-08    

Description:Spicy came to our country from the Ming Dynasty, missed the literati era of Tang and Song poetry, but now, the Chuting will not let you miss.
Spicy, is a taste, is a taste experience.

  Spicy came to our country from the Ming Dynasty, missed the literati era of Tang and Song poetry, but now, the Chuting will not let you miss.

  Spicy, is a taste, is a taste experience.

  So, what is the top spicy? Spicy but not burning, the oil is not greasy, is in the collision with the top ingredients in the interpretation of the perfect taste, is the tongue on the heritage of food R & D staff spicy The relentless pursuit.

  Chuting Technology found that many people love to eat spicy, but not spicy food, because spicy in the appetite to meet the body often will cause a lot of trouble, after you spicy cool, may cause such as skin blemishes , The body's exuberant, oral ulcers, stomach pain more than constipation hemorrhoids and so on. People who love to eat hot stop, look spicy, in order to satisfy everyone's desire to eat spicy, Chuting innovative ingredients Food Department, to do something different to do the top health sauce, to meet everyone's spicy imagination. As a result, fat father proud proud pepper sauce came into being.

  For the first time, Chuting Technology selected black truffle, top scallops and shrimp, aiming to create top spicy products.

  For centuries, black truffles have become extremely popular in Europe, especially in France, Italy and Spain, and became a symbol of identity. Until today, black truffles as the first of three major European cuisine, still often appear in the rich club before the banquet luxury auction list.

  For the scallops, the ancients said: "After three days of eating, still feel tingling chicken and shrimp." Visible scallops of the extraordinary extraordinary, scallops of high nutritional value, nourishing, nourishing, kidney, transfer in. Can improve immunity, spleen, soften blood vessels.

  The shrimp as a seasoning material, and scallops has always been a good partner of the foodstuffs. It is learned that this top-grade hot sauce, using exclusive fermentation technology, patented to create enzymes, gastrointestinal health care, activation of food character, to create extraordinary taste. Is the culmination of the annual Chuting technology food giant, why create such a top hot sauce? In addition to the absolute pursuit of taste, but also the ultimate sought after spicy.

  Completely different top hot sauce, to your taste buds bring a new luxury experience! Spicy people love, absolutely not to be missed.

  Chuting Introduction: Chuting technology focus on natural health raw materials, the development of suitable for improving the modern fast-paced life of the health groups under the health and beauty products. In the aspect of product research and development, we always maintain the world-leading food skincare technology. We also use proprietary patented technology and natural plantation technology to become the precursor and model of health food and skin care products. Our focus is on customer focus and provide excellent competitive edge. Products and Asian health and beauty issues application solutions, continued to brand, consumers create the greatest value.

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