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Chuting technology 丨 perspective of the industrialization of the future burst of the road

Source:Chuting cosmetics technology (Shanghai) co. LTD    Time:2018-02-08    

Description:Unscrupulous, non-heroic; do not change their minds, real hero.
Traditional businesses, no explosives, mortal.

  Unscrupulous, non-heroic; do not change their minds, real hero.

  Traditional businesses, no explosives, mortal.

  A quality product that helps businesses get tenfold and hundreds of marketing efforts in sales - high sales, high popularity and short supply. There is a saying goes, the product is the best advertising, if we use good word of mouth will be word of mouth, which is much more boast than the self-proclaimed, which is the power of explosives.

  Any business if there is no burst of goods, the road ahead will be difficult. The Chuting technology, designed for explosive products, so that the brand more advanced products upgrade.

  At present, the Chuting of the Department of cosmetics research and development department, developed dozens of new concept skin care products, from the depths of the new healing power in the documentary "Blue Planet 2", a group of high IQ bottlenose dolphins, will occasionally swim near Coral area, leaned over to rub the willow coral. Its shape resembles that of a branch, and its body contains many secondary metabolites. It is a very valuable marine coral that protects the skin and body of dolphins. Chuting science and technology extracted deep-sea coral peptide, applied to the hormone face series to quickly restore skin rejuvenation, natural healing amazing.

  How to make the skin retain the eternal beauty? Chuting technology-focused research and development, from the Pacific wild salmon fish leucocyte nuclear biochemical extraction of polymer DNA & RNA, combined with light-sensitive anti-aging agent, to create the Milky Way muscle essence, Keep muscle beauty.

  Milky Way muscle essence of the highest Chuting technology research and development

  The culmination of food Chuting technology research and development department, to create food black technology, will come from the mountain tongue heritage - rare delicacies, wild matsutake, and black diamonds black truffles on the table, innovative introduction of ingredients, technical fermentation, health and Delicious at the same time coexist, to the taste buds to a luxury experience. Barley wine chili sauce sauce unique heart, patented to create enzymes, care of gastrointestinal health, activate the true colors of food, to create extraordinary taste.

  The Chuting of a team of researchers have a craftsman spirit, their pursuit of perfection and the ultimate spirit of artisans to create explosive culture, is intended to bring new vitality to the enterprise, to bring consumers beauty and health.

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