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Research Results

  Six core technology to create the industry's leading brand

  After years of research and research to overcome the difficulties of biotech technology, Chuting Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has developed six core technologies (fermentation technology, extraction technology, lipid encapsulation technology, probiotics, inspection technology, integration of mask cloth source) Through the six major technologies, distillers grains, which can only be used as general fertilizers or discards, can be turned into economically valuable raw materials to construct a series of high-value products, such as food, cosmetics and agricultural products, and make full use of the concept of turning waste into gold. Flip the image and value of the original distiller's grains, and then promote the economic benefits of related industries.

  1, fermentation technology

  Content: According to the characteristics of raw materials to provide nitrogen source, strict control of fermentation temperature.

  Advantages: shorten the working hours, fermented incense, the active ingredient content doubled.

  2, extraction technology

  Content: Distillation extraction, CO2 extraction, supercritical extraction, freeze-drying extraction.

  Advantages: high yield, shelf life growth.

  3, lipid coating technology

  Content: Water-soluble liposome formulation, liposoluble liposome formulation

  Advantages: reduce the amount of active ingredients, improve efficiency

  4, probiotics

  Contents: More than 2000 species pool, more than 200 kinds of patent bacteria

  Advantages: patent protection

  5, inspection technology

  Content: Full component analysis, amino acid testing, antioxidant test (total phenols, flavonoids, SOD content), whitening test, moisturizing ability, antibacterial ability, anti-glycation assessment, human effectiveness assessment.

  Advantages: the evidence of scientific data, quantify the core value of the product.

  6, mask cloth source integration

  Content: Microneedle Mask, crystal type mask, silk mask, fruit fiber mask, biological fiber mask, black carbon mask, the traditional non-woven.

  Advantages: style, choose more

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