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  Founding Cosmetics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., established in 2013, is located in the high-tech creative park in Songjiang District, dedicated to beauty skin care food and health industry, OEM/ODM production R & D. ?everyone is clean and crazy, the degree of meticulous work is surprising!

Muscle Repair Serum
Summer Bikini BB Cream
Probiotics and honey jelly
Rose muscle shake shake oil
Plant Hyaluronic Acid Extract
Acne repair essence

We are not only the first, but the only one

Happy + innovation + family,R & D more valuable.

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  • Researcher

    Professional and hypocritical researchers

  • Marketing Department

    Funny and powerful marketing department

  • Raw material supply chain

    Multiple and high quality raw material supply chain

  • One-stop service

    Perfect one-stop service


Everyone loves work and dedication, but also has pride. The concept of great health has gone deep into every employee's heart. All of our efforts are aimed at the overall health and beauty of the Chinese people and the real dreams of Chinese people's health. Want to work hard to get a raise to the peak of life to win the white rich beauty).

R & D CenterR & D Center
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  • R & D Center

    It is no exaggeration to say that the Chuting of an independent R & D room covers an area of about 1,500 square meters, a full range of food, skin care products, essential oils fragrance, sterile probiotics and other research and development room, product display area, photo area and other functional areas.

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  • Research Areas

    Food Science and Technology R & D Center
    Probiotic center
    Biological fermentation technology

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  • Research Results

    After years of research and research to overcome the difficulties of biotech technology, Chuting Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has developed six core technologies (fermentation technology, extraction technology, lipid encapsulation technology, probiotics, inspection technology, integration of mask cloth source)

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  • Global field

    Create a court based on the world and look forward to the future.

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