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Chuting Readme
Shanghai Chuting

Chuting cosmetics technology (Shanghai) co. LTD, established in 2013, is located in Songjiang District, a high-tech creative park, away from downtown, concentrate on research and development. Here is a collection of Virgo, everyone is obsessive-compulsive disorder, the degree of meticulous work is simply outrageous!

Here, brainstorming is simply a routine, are you okay? Come, brainstorming! Boring can not think of new tricks? Come, brainstorming! Anytime, anywhere, brainstorming, or so many new things, how do you think of it?

Chuting staff

Here, 99% of people consciously know that they are proportional to their pay (the remaining 1% will automatically kneel down), and then go to work without office politics, quite harmonious. Everyone loves work and dedication, but also has pride. The concept of great health has gone deep into every employee's heart. All of our efforts are aimed at the overall health and beauty of the Chinese people and the real dreams of Chinese people's health. Want to work hard to get a raise to the peak of life to win the white rich beauty).

Chuting purpose

The purpose of Chuting is: happy + innovation + family, R & D more valuable.

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