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Yeka Snow Brown Kochi
  • Product Description

Name of Product: Yaga Snow Brown Kocher G1_Shanghai Food Foundry

Fashionable and refined girl

A smell of mellow, then intoxicated.
Soft, aromatic and mellow.
Unique flavor, there is no substitute.

It's like a fashionable girl who walks on the streets of Paris, exquisite and lively.
A mellow, memorable,
The coffee aroma swirls in the air, flowing and fragrant.
  Delicate and stylish, all in Voda coffee.

Taiwan imports special interest bacterial strain CT99,
The most able to immerse the coffee flavor in the bean strain, rich in fermentation products,
Fermentation process generates a lot of beneficial substances Food engineering exclusive patent fermentation technology,
Using bacteria from the human body, in vitro fermentation of animals does not harm the live muscat.
Kenya berry carbon source for the cultivation of probiotics,
Provide fresh and complex taste
Bring rich anthocyanins, vitamins, iron, and collagen.
The top Kenyan coffee beans,
The coffee industry people all think that Kenyan coffee is one of their favorite products.
Known as the “Connoisseur's Cup” and “Bulgari in Coffee Beans”.

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