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Muscle Repair Serum
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Name: Essence Repair Essence - Shanghai Cosmetics Production
A bottle of revitalizing youthful brilliance to recover 18-year-old skin condition

The main component - the immortal flower of dry land
Eternal flowers in the drylands are grown in the Gobi desert and have strong vitality. After scientific verification, the active ingredients of the Eternal Flowers in Dryland have a good activation effect on human cell activity.

Nutrients that are rich in human cell walls, such as vitamins, can nourish skin, repair and activate skin functions, and improve skin roughness and fine lines.

1. Increase skin's clearness: The repairing essence of muscle base can inhibit the spots that are easy to appear calmly, so as to relieve the dullness of the skin, regulate the skin metabolism, and make the skin white and translucent.

2, inhibition of wrinkles: Skin over-deficient water will give rise to the formation of wrinkles, muscle repair essence can promote the formation of skin essential collagen and elastin, so that the skin is smooth and elastic.

3, to improve the overall condition of the skin: 20-30 years of age each month, the skin will be followed by a subtle aging, muscle bottom repair essence can rectify texture, improve skin condition, restore youthful luster.

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