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Summer Bikini BB Cream
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Name: Summer Bikini BB Cream_Shanghai Color Makeup R&D

When summer comes, do you have any of the following skin problems?

■ Is sunlight strong against UV rays?

■ Intimate appointments, skin acne marks, blemishes?

■ How to take pictures on the beach?

■ How to keep makeup after sweating?

Thin and light makeup

Essence Concentrate, no load on the skin, quickly melts into the skin, no trace of skin


Enriched with whey protein for easy makeup, leaving skin cells plump and smooth, creating a three-dimensional beauty

Oil control bare makeup

Fits skin to absorb oils, resists oil secretion, frees breath, makes makeup lastingly natural


Sun protection index spf30 PA+++, more effective in reducing skin sunburn

Natural concealer

Spherical powder particles with a refractive index close to the skin, which can effectively adjust the refraction of light and help cover the blemishes.

Cool Moisturizer

Rich in hyaluronic acid and minerals, cool and soothe the skin

Lasting makeup

Watery makeup continues to adhere to the skin

Bright white repair

Effectively improves the skin's melanin, showing a net translucent white skin, and can repair damaged cells

Do you think this is enough? NO, we reject mediocrity - face shaping, one-button synchronization

Core ingredients: Paraguay tea

Mechanism of action: Promote the activity of the enzyme adenylyl cyclase in the nucleotide cycle, increase the concentration of CAMP in vivo, achieve the physiological activity of promoting fat burning and improving energy use; stimulate the activation of thyroxine, thyroxine can increase the metabolic rate of the human body , and then out of the body's excess fat.

Effects: Accelerate fat burning while preventing new fats from entering fat cells. This helps reduce localized excess fat, increases epithelial cell oxygen consumption, has lipolytic capacity, and has a good slimming effect on adipose tissue.

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