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Probiotics and honey jelly
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Product Name: Probiotics, Sugar, Sugar, Sweetener, Safeguarding, Shanghai Food Foundry

During the lifetime of a woman, she will experience many factors affecting her health. These factors lead to the destruction of vulnerable flora and affect their quality of life.

Probiotic function:

▲ Form a barrier in the vaginal and intestinal epithelium ▲ Promote the co-production of Candida albicans, accelerate the clearance

▲ Inhibit the main virulence factors in the body ▲ Reduce the incidence and recurrence rate of bacterial infections in vivo

Taste and Craft: Probiotics Serve the fragrant jelly and enjoy every bite

Releases fruity taste without hiding, mouthfeel fudge bites juice bursts out of pulp

Add 6 times concentrated probiotics per 100g candy

Encapsulated with collagen film, beauty skin, good taste


▲ Gynecological anti-inflammatory and itching can inhibit the body's bad bacteria, eliminate gynecological inflammation

▲ Urinary tract strips bacteria to remove bacteria attached to the urethra and form a protective film

▲ Intestinal Balancing Bacteria Balances Intestinal Fungi, Regulates Intestinal Function

▲ Skin Antioxidant/Whitening/Black/Anti-Allergy/Acne Repair/Beauty/Beauty


Soft candy new way to eat:

Iced fruit flavor is more innovative, regardless of refrigerated or frozen, cool taste can bring you different flavor

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