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Rose muscle shake shake oil
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Name: Rose muscle shake shake oil _ Shanghai cosmetics production

Skin problems can not be avoided. Are you also experiencing these?

A major cause of water and oil imbalance is the lack of skin

Shake oil and shake out translucent skin

Rose oil: Directly acts on the inside of cells, relying on the enhancement of the activity of capillaries to achieve nutrient supply, toxin removal, balance of blood vessel and oil secretion, and a comprehensive balance effect.

Macadamia nuts: contains a variety of plant extracts can play a role in moisturizing the skin, increase vitality, and contains polyphenols and lipopolysaccharide composition, with radiation protection function.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a very strong antioxidant that inhibits the oxidation of fatty acids, reduces the formation of lipofuscin (senile plaque), and protects cells from free radical damage, which has the effect of delaying aging.

Active Dormant TechnologyTM: High-purity natural ingredients, high-precision gold ratio, active dormant technology, dormancy of active ingredients, protection of activity, and ensure that each use is the best.


√ For normal skin, it can enhance skin luster

√ For oily skin, balance oil secretion

√ For dry skin, quickly replenish moisture

√ For sensitive skin, it can eliminate red blood and reduce sensitivity

√ For dark yellow skin, it can enhance skin vitality, give skin moisturizing, nourishing, soft and delicate, strengthen defense and other skin care effects, and prevent skin aging.


A dormant oil shakes before use to release the skin's energy and shake the oil.

A shake wakes the skin

The second shake activates the skin

Three shakes release skin

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