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Acne repair essence
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Name: Acne Repair Essence - Shanghai Cosmetics Production

Acne, also called acne, acne, is a skin disease caused by hair follicles and sebaceous glands blocking and inflammation. There are different manifestations, such as acne, pimples, and even pustules, nodules, etc. in severe cases. Improper care may also leave scars.

Everyone definitely has this experience. Even though we wash our face every day, we often have acne. Careful friends will find that acne also looks different. Acne experts say that acne is also divided into different types.

Sulfonated shale oil - an oil-flavored star acne product

The natural active substance ICHTHYOL PALE (sulfurized shale oil) is similar to the natural gas flavor of oil. Unlike taste, it is mild and not irritating, it can quickly absorb dry acne pus, control acne redness, and relieve skin discomfort. At the same time, the effect is more direct to the roots of acne, effective elimination of acne sources, reducing the spread of the situation.

6 effects

Remove the source of pimples Directly to the roots of acne, wrap up acne to reduce the spread, eliminate the causes of acne and prevent the formation of acne;

Accelerate the development of acne push the pus head to the epidermis, purify and absorb the facial shine, so that the red and dark acne quickly wither;

Sterilization and sterilization of bacteria, sterilization to prevent bacterial infection, not easy to leave acne marks, make the skin clear and delicate;

Gentle and non-irritating No burden on the skin, and effectively reduce skin irritation and allergy symptoms Diminish acne marks Diminish acne and pock;

Cracked Pox Repairs acne-prone skin, activates the surrounding acne tissue, and accelerates self-repair of damaged skin.

Dredging the pores through dissolution Dissolve the fat and grease in the pores and peroxide lipids to clear converging coarse pores;

Eliminating Acne-Indications Conditioning the skin will not easily leave acne marks, leaving the skin clear and delicate.

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