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Coral Peptide Repair Solution
  • Product Description

Product Name: Coral Peptide Cell Basal Repair Solution | Shanghai Cosmetics Production

Hormonal face is generally due to intermittent or long-term use of hormone ointment or hormone-containing cosmetic products.
A serious skin disease caused by the toxic side effects of hormones.

With the prevalence of micro-plastic surgery,
Laser hormones, injections, semi-permanent, tattoos, hair dyes, etc.
Hormonal face is different from ordinary skin sensitive or allergic,
Because it not only seriously damages the normal physiological structure and function of the skin,
It also affects the overall health of the patient.

Core components:

Deep-sea coral peptides from the unpolluted waters of the Pacific Ocean gather red energy through natural biological extraction for up to 3 months. Deep into the bottom of the muscles to repair stubborn symptoms from deep inside to outside, nourish, fight inflammation, promote wound healing, nature's gift of natural healing ingredients, get rid of the troubles of the hormone face, and reproduce healthy beauty.

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